About Me

I am a “maker” – the term I’ve settled on to describe the thing I do, when asked by new acquaintances. I used to answer “web developer” or “graphic designer” – whichever money making thing I was doing happily at the time.  Before that I was a ‘carpet guy’ or a ‘pond expert’ – always something different, but always skilled work in some capacity.

It took a visit down to Silicon Valley, through acceptance into Y Combinator to recognize that I can’t accurately bill myself as any one of those prior titles – at least, not on the world stage. Among these people; world class co-founders, entrepreneurs and true experts of their domain I realized my folly.

The truth is, my varied skill set is both a blessing and a curse. I can help with your website, as well as your marketing, and then build you some furniture… and therein lies me, finding my focus.

A small list of hobbies turned professions include:

  • Web Development & Design
  • Photography & Digital Graphics Editing
  • Remote Controlled Machines & Robotics
  • Marketing and Online Advertising
  • Furniture Making
  • Event Decoration and Setup
  • Glass Blowing – Lampworking
  • Cannabis Processor & Cultivator

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