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Broken Digital Pocket Scale – Troubleshooting and Repair

This is an off-beat post, and has nothing to do with websites or the digital world for that matter. I’ll be going through the steps I used to fix a broken pocket scale that was gifted to me – I get a lot of, “If you can fix, it it’s yours” gifts.

This 50.00g digital scale stopped working for an unknown reason, and the top suggestion for fixing these scales is a re-calibration. Unfortunately, this digital scale could not be calibrated – likely a result of the problems it was already having. After further inspection I realized the scale still accurately measured negative values. At this point the, “if it’s broken and destined for the garbage, I had might as well see how it works.” Was running through the back of my head.

Check the video out for a quick little tutorial and walkthrough of how I got my scale back in mostly working order. Step-by-step below.

  1. Remove the top plate of your scale to gain access to the mounting points of the weight surface.
  2. In my case there were two Phillips screws
  3. Flip the scale and remove the battery cover to reveal the second mount point
  4. Remove that pair of screws and set them aside as well
  5. Under where the weigh platform was, flip the sensor bar
  6. Re-attach all components

The kicker is, now when I lift the weighing platform, it shows me a proper positive number – reversing the fix brings the problems back. Does anyone with more knowledge of digital circuitry have an explanation for this rogue resistor?

By Zachary Melo

I'm a web and graphic designer with a special interest in Wordpress development. I'm splitting my time between Toronto firm work, and Niagara freelance - the best of both worlds.

To say I'm a man of many hats is an understatement. My friends and family will be the first to say there isn't much I can't do, and do well. Don't be surprised to find me writing about some offbeat or otherwise unexpected subjects.

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My ‘On Balance DZT-100’ digital pocket scales read ‘FULL’ on the screen. It won’t go, tried changing batteries, removing and replacing weighing plate but no change. Happened when I was calibrating, have calibrated it several times and never had a problem. Any ideas how to fix would be much appreciated!

I have a professional digital mini scale, model no. DD3-100 and when I try to weigh something it still reads 0.00 I tried to calibrate and when I go to put the weight on it, it reads ErrE then shuts off?

How do I fix my Genie digital scale even I calibration it and new batteries but doesn’t wanna give proper weight of my dope lol how I fix it? I notice with the 2 screw that are beside the battiress. What that??!

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