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How dangerous is bubble trash if it’s popped under the hood? I’m just curious as a glass blower for over 10 years now. It hasn’t happened a ton, but I also have been exposed a fair share of times over the years. I always try not to breathe and get away from it when it’s happened. And if I happen to do it, I put it right in the flame. I’m just curious how likely it would be to inhale any, and for that to actually get in your lungs? Just weighing this out. Thanks!

Hi Zach, I was just watching a Great vid of yours on repairing your puffco. I actually have a dabcool w2 which has a very similar set up. I have another coming under warranty but as a project to keep me occupied I was going to attempt to add the external power supply. However, like a complete numptie I dropped it in the water. I’ve read that the main issue may be the need to replace batterries that got wet. Is it a complete write off do you think or worth a go? It won’t charge or turn on. I am just wondering if it’s going to be a fruitless task. Any help/knowlege would be cracking!

Had a random thought on my own post could i just bypass the battery completely and remove it instead replacing it with the new charger? It would need to wired in but small price to pay I think

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