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These Panasonic DP-100 series Digital Pressure Controllers are the core controller used in the Oxygen Step Up Systems I have designed and shared.

The DP-101 is a low pressure sensor, best suited for pressures of -100 to 100  Kilopascals (-15 psi to +15 psi).

The DP-102 is a higher pressure sensor, best suited for pressures of -0.1 to 1 Megapascals (-15 psi to +145 psi).

The DP-102 is a more versatile controller, with its larger range of serviceable pressures.

These controllers run on 12-24v and their accuracy relies on a stable current delivery. A high quality power supply is a must when running these precision instruments. We suggest MeanWell 24VDC power supplies with 2 amps of current delivery to ensure stable operation.

The controllers have a 1/8″ ID BSP thread, and a 1/4″ OD BSP thread. Adequate thread sealant or a gasketed fitting should be used when installing a 1/4″ air line adapter to the controller. Special care should be taken to support the nut when installing the air fitting as not to damage the internals of the controller.

Allowing for the control of two devices from one controller, these controllers have two output signal wires which can be used to control relays and other switching loads.

Additional information

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Model No.

DP-101 (Low Pressure: -14 to +14 psi), DP-102 (High Pressure: -14 to +145 psi)

Minimum Working Pressure

-14 psi

Maximum Working Pressure

+14 psi, + 145 psi

Threaded Fitting

1/8" ID BSP, 1/4" OD BSP


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